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About Us

Using Science to Enhance Consumer Experiences


At Savor Sciences Inc. (SSI), we are currently advancing the knowledge of how specific cannabis strains exhibit characteristic flavor and aromas, medicinal effects and the relief of symptoms individuals may experience.

Savor Sciences is a non-cannabis business that is conducting research to redefine the current cannabis classification system (i.e., Sativa, lndica, Hybrid) into a consumer based system that will allow cannabis customers to select a cannabis strain that will meet their individual preferences.

Our Story

SSI began as a concept that the taste and experience with food and beverages are fundamentally anchored in the chemistry and composition of the consumables themselves.  We have found in our research that chemical signatures such as terpenes and DNA genomics of plant tissue are correlated to human reviewers' experiences across a wide range of flavor and medicinal related effects, specifically with cannabis.

Savor Sciences is a team of scientists passionate about data science, biochemistry and genomics to refine the correlations to flavors and medicinal effects. And in so doing, we believe we can not only predict flavors and effects, but also recommend types of consumables based on consumers' preferences. 

Savor Sciences offers a number of services, ranging from dispensary product eduction and brand strengthening to crop steering and grower strain consulting.

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